Another Good Morning

"Ebola, wars, politics, sex slavery, sexual & gender confusion, abuse, divorce, death, etc...things seem doomed ‪#‎AlwaysHope‬‪#‎PreachJesus‬" Posted by my son on FB today.
Amen! There is always hope in Jesus. He IS our hope. 
It's another beautiful morning here in Central Florida. A good day to be alive and serving our Lord. We are getting ready to travel to South Carolina to visit our son and his family. Looking forward to seeing those grandkids! Here they are at the State Fair last night. Aren't they adorable! Planning on having lots of fun with them. So I may not be around for the next couple of weeks. 
I've had to put my scrapping on hold for a couple of weeks but hope to be able to create a few pages in the car on the way to SC. I use Lumapix Fotofusion for my scrapping. If you haven't heard of it you really need to check it out. You can download and try it out as a free trial before you purchase. It is a wonderful program and so easy to learn. If you d…
God is so amazing!!! His blood washes over all our sins! When we ask for forgiveness and we don't feel forgiven we already are! His love is amazing, true and never ending!! If you are going through a hard time with not feeling forgiven just remember that He has forgiven you and that He loves you and His blood washes over you!!! (My granddaughter, Becca, posted this on Facebook!)
Good morning! It is a gorgeous Wednesday here in Florida! The sky is blue, the sun is shining and it is a nice warm day. I love the warm weather, no falling or changing leaves here yet. As I've said before, our leaves don't change and fall until about February each year. However, we do feel a change in the air. If you live in Florida for a while, you can definitely feel the air go from Summer to Fall.
Since I am a part-time draftsman, I work when the jobs come in. I have a job to do right now so I won't be able to add to the freebie, Fall Romance, until next week. Will get on that as soon as possi…
My son shared this on Facebook this morning and I thought it was exactly my heart's desire; that my life begins and ends with Jesus!

Thanks for stopping by today!
I love this quote that Toby Mac posted on Facebook: "We must be ready to allow ourselves to be interrupted by God."  by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Good morning all. We had a great day at church yesterday! We went to our church for the 10:30 service then left and went to our daughter's church for a lunch and game afternoon. Lots of fun.  Hope you all were able to enjoy your Sunday and were able to attend a church service as well.  I have created a little something that you may want to download. It is a mini digital scrapbooking kit called Fall Romance. I may be adding to it in a few days to make it a larger kit.  Here in Florida we really don't have fall until about February, which is fine with me. But I know many of you are getting into fall in full swing. I loved these colors and I realize there are plenty of kits out there with leaves, etc. so I didn't add any of those, although I am leaving that option open in the near future. Hope someone can use this.  As I mentioned ea…
Good morning. God is so good to give us another beautiful morning to wake up and live life. I love reading the book of Esther in the Bible. It is such an encouragement to obey God and let him do his work his way. Even though it seemed that Esther would surely die for her disobedience to the law, and that is what she feared, she finally just put her trust in God and he not only preserved her, but he promoted her and her family and blessed them beyond measure. One of our pastor's favorite saying is, "Obedience brings blessing, disobedience brings conflict." This is demonstrated so often in scripture.
I love Fotofusion. It makes my scrappy life so much easier with results that I love. I will be sharing some of my pages soon and hopefully getting back into creating a few freebies too. But for now I will just share a couple photos.

This is Julia and Bryanna. They are wearing makeup that their great-grandmother gave them before she passed away. They wanted mommy and daddy to see…
I haven't been here in a very long time. Life had gotten the best of me for a few years. During my time away we have lost four dear family members. We mourned, but not as those who have no hope. (I Thess. 4: 13-18)

But hopefully I am back for regular updates.

I have begun two new journeys in my life which I will be sharing here, along with my digital scrapbooking. I am still digi-scrapping, still using Fotofusion, and still loving it all.
About twenty years ago a natural health professional introduced us to Young Living Essential Oils. I bought a package of the oils back then but never really learned what they were for or how to use them. Well, low and behold, I located those oils recently and after all these years they are still great! I was utterly amazed by this and I will be talking about this more in the days to come. But to me that just confirmed the purity of the Young Living oils.

This week we are keeping four of our granddaughters while their parents are away. Since another g…
‎"Sometimes when we get overwhelmed we forget how big God is." AW Tozer My daughter, Amy, posted this on facebook yesterday, and I found it so appropriate for what our family is going through right now. I have three close family members, my mother, brother and brother-in-law, who are in stage 4 cancer. Quite overwhelming if you look at the circumstances. But God is still God. And he is still in control. No matter what circumstances we see, he sees the big picture!

Bryanna Nicole. She is a year old now. Can't imagine life without her. She is such a sparkly little personality. She makes me feel like a queen when I walk in the door. Her little face lights up and she has a huge smile. What a little doll.

She was not happy to be wearing the tutu Grammy made for her. She escaped from the pose as fast as her little feet would carry her.